Virtual Orchestration


Virtual Orchestration is the art and craft of realising the sound of the orchestra as realistic as possible, by means of sample libraries. On a smaller scale, it can also be used to replace only some of the instruments with virtual ones. The use of, partially, virtual instruments can reduce the costs of the music production.
Within the GreenCouch collective, the art of virtual orchestration is excellently understood and therefore, GreenCouch is often invited specifically for this aspect of the music production. The use of the virtual orchestra is applied to film, commercial and game productions.

For fellow composers GreenCouch has special arrangements for virtual orchestration and you are kindly invited to contact us for more information.

Starcatching, an example of a combination of virtual orchestra, with a dubbed vocalist and òne violin.
The challenge of the sound of the orchestra is particullarly well reflected in 'real orchestral music'.
In this particular example, the music of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring is virtually orchestrated and the players are 100% exchanged with virtual instrumentalists.
This musical fragment has been fully orchestrated with virtual instruments. It is the outro of the music for a trailer.

In this ShortBurst fragment one can hear a good combination of synthesizers with the virtual orchestra. For this specific soundtrack no acoustic instruments were used any more.



The previous example of Stravinky in the nln-player (an online non-linear music player for the internet).
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