Steffen Keinke

2005-2009 Steffen studied Composition & Music Production at the "Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht" / Utrecht School of the Arts. He specialized in the combination of music and sound in audiovisual media and finished his study with a Bachelor of Music and an European Master of Media degree.

Besides being an instrumentalist, composer and sound designer for GreenCouch he often works for the audio-postproduction-company "Tonbüro" in Germany, where he does sound design and -editing for popular German television series as well as for cinema productions. Currently he lives and works in Osnabrück/Germany.

As a multi-instrumentalist he plays the piano, saxophone, guitar, bass, accordeon and different flutes. He covers a wide range of styles from classic to pop and favours small ensembles and hybrid productions with both acoustic and synthetic elements.

Steffen is fascinated by the synergy of audio and image. His exegesis: "The complete film composer: A universal approach to film sound“ is recommended for everyone who wants to understand why film sound works as it does.
It is hard to find a more comprehensive but condensed insight to that matter anywhere else and you can read it here.