Films / TV

Alleen Hier

A Film about a young man looking for true happiness.

Music & Sound Design: GreenCouch
Director: Feike Santbergen


Stefan heeft een ster gevangen


A magical realistic short film by MICHIEL TEN KLEIJ 





Sound Design & Mixage by GreenCouch


Dag Psyche

A short film about a young man, stuck in his own mind.

Music & Sound Design: GreenCouch
Director: Nikolai van Nunen



Short art movies as entr'actes for the Ives Ensemble Concert in Muziekgebouw aan het IJ.

Music & Sound Design:GreenCouch


De Hel van '63

A film about the "Elfstedentocht" in 1963

Violin-arrangement and -production: Greencouch
Composer: Ronald Schilperoort
Director: Steven de Jong


Muziek Klassiek

NTR: School tv. Classical music, a 6 piece tv series about classical music and film music for students in elementary school. These episodes takes students along to the world of classical music in order to understand this musical language.



Music & Sound Design: GreenCouch
Animation: Lars van Schagen




Opening sequence for a multi-dimensional tv-serie pilot.

Sound Design: GreenCouch
Director: Ivar Posthumus & Dorus van Lieshout


Alice on Acid

Short clips for Fashion Designer .... 

Music: GreenCouch
Director: Maurits Veldhuyzen-van Zanten
Singer: Bart van Dalen (Findel & Only seven left)


Trash Vortex

Animated adventure about a rubber duck, that ends in the Trash Vortex.

Music & Sound Design: GreenCouch
Director: Mette Menting


Snuf de Hond in oorlogstijdSnuf de Hond in Oorlogstijd

A movie and tv-serie about the adventures of a young boy and his dog.

Arrangement and Orchestration: GreenCouch
Composer: Ronald Schilperoort
Director: Steven de Jong



Surrealistic short movie about coping with death.

Director: Feike Santbergen
Music & Sound Design: GreenCouch



Short fragment of animation for the Soundtrack Cologne competition in Germany.

Music & Sound Design: GreenCouch