Generative music

Generative Music could be considered as music which is being generated by a system, that has been given certain rules about this generation of music.
This music can be interactive, as is demonstrated in the short demo movie.
Other terms used to describe generative music are procedural and algorithmic music, focussing on the rulesets behind the generation of the music.

In this example, the Cyclist Music Variations, a generative music system has been prototyped in Max/MSP by using modified building blocks from the CyclistMusic demonstration patches from the Max/MSP examples.

Example of a Generative Music Systems, as was also used for the Art Installation "Moment" by Floortje Zonneveld

Read more about "Moment" on :

Vincent Akkermans and Than van Nispen wrote an article about two Network Installations, in which generative music was performed by means of networked computers. You can download the article as published in the ICMC Proceedings here : two_network_installations_final.pdf

or watch the installations in action in this short movie.