Cheongsam (work-in-progress) is the newest game by Stout Games and is currently in progress. 
The music has been recorded with Ludwig,


De Orkest Ontdekker

Muziek voor de Orkest Ontdekker voor het Rotterdam Philharmonisch Orkest




ShortBurst, an example of non-linear gamemusic



Dinner Date

Dinner Date takes a novel approach in gaming, turning what could be a play or film into a game by allowing the player to act as Julian’s subconsciousness.




an iOS game in which you are able to experience that emotional moment of Leaving.




Flavour's crazy game and a prime example of less is more, except for colors of course… The idea is simple. Press & hold your mouse button down and a circle will grow bigger and bigger racking up points. As long as you grow, the color schemes and music will shift, making for an unforgettable dynamic and engaging experience. But watch out! Tedious triangles are jealous of all that roundness and are out to get you. Maneuver, disappear and pick up power ups to outsmart them.


AVRO's, NTR's and MCO's "IkComponeer" Tool online



 Cargo Bridge, Windosill, Dragon Flame, e.a.