Eva (Carolien Spoor) is a pretty young student. When se finds an appartment in Amsterdam, she meets her new neighbour Alex ( Dragan Bakema). Eva and her friend Cynthia (Julliette van Ardenne) are instantly impressed by this charming man. After a night out, the three of them end up in Alex appartment. Cynthia tries her best to seduce Alex, wich made Eva leave to her own place. Still impressed by this evening, she notices she is not alone. The intruder jumps upon her and Eva loses her consciousness. Any hours later she wakes up, chained up to a bed in a empty concreed basement. She has no clue how she ended up there, and more important, why she has been capture. The anonymous kidnapper treats her suprisingly wel. Only untill she discoveres the cut in her stomac the real panic starts. 

Sound design & Mixage: GreenCouch
Director: Bobby Boermans